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so. much. livejournal. nostalgia.

pinioned.org died. time for a new name.

I've come to suck very badly at updating this journal. It's stuck in a rut. However, I do love you all dearly and feel bad that I've been more or less ignoring you... so I moved to almostcanon where I hope to be more good. If I've missed anyone out when I added everyone, feel free to add me! See ya around!

One of those pointless posts on fandom

Queer As Folk has downloaded 43% of the way since Sunday. Soon it will be at 100% and I can watch it anywhen I choose. Seasons One to Five! We can still have QAF Nights with Adam but I can sort of... run ahead. I watched an episode we hadn't seen by mistake and now I need to see which college Justin decides to go to. The suspense, the intrigue!

Torchwood. OMG Torchwood. This is all there is in my bedroom. I watched episodes four up to ten from Tuesday Night to Wednesday Morning and all I can say is TORCHWOOD. I love it I love it. I loved Episode Six and how the killers turned out to be spoilerCollapse ) and the general scariness of it. I watched the episode at one in the morning and I was terrified! Episode Five made me cry so much when spoilerCollapse ) died. Jack's tears made me break down! Episode was also a little scary on the whole so I watched it on tenderhooks! I'm rewatching Episode Eight (They Keep Killing Suzie) again right now because I loved that too. RISEN MITTEN! And Suzie is cool, if villainous. And Jack/Ianto! Apparently Russel T Davis is pro-bi/gayness for his characters and OMG the slash writes itself. I love it! I've seen the spoiler pic for the last episode. The one with the spoilerCollapse ) kiss. Has anyone actually got it uploaded or on their harddrive? I am so addicted to Torchwood. But how is Owen so irresistable? Is there ANYONE who hasn't slept with him or who doesn't fancy him? Noooo. Captain Jack is Teh Hotness (and John Barrowman is annoyingly gay). He's jokey and then all ruthless and "We do what has to be done". Mmmm! I like Jack and Steven likes Ianto. Should it not be the other way round? Nevertheless: TORCHWOOD EQUALS LOVE. Discuss.

I cracked and opened my Christmas Present from whiteballking. Si, I'm sorry if you read this before I thank you - I have no phone credit! Shall email you. I love it! It's a green Decemberists top! It's so pretty! I'm going to wear it to the gig. Did I mention Steven and I are seeing The Decemberists in Sheffield on the second of February? YIPPEE! Colin Meloy and The Decemberist Crew... here we come!

I am awesome and luxurious

I haven't slept.

Ok, that's a lie. I drifted off for an hour at around one until my mum woke me up, telling me not to laze around in bed all day. But in the grand scheme of things, I have had practically no sleep. I layed in bed for ages listening to Sense And Sensibility on audio book ("if this doesn't work, nothing will") and eventually logged onto msn at three in the morning. I was talking to Surya for seven hours, until ten in the morning. Bloody hell. Usually conversations tend to break up and stall, but we pretty much kept it up the whole time! In the end I figured I should go do some work so I said goodbye. And then failed to work. My exam results are going to suck!

I'm watching Scrubs. I did attempt to watch the pantomime on ITV2 because Paul Merton is in it, but panto's are so annoying. So I'm watching Scrubs. I kinda like it. At first I couldn't get into it but it's quite cool. I like JD's narration... but do Turk and his wife (Carla?) have relationship troubles EVERY episode?

I need sleep. Now.

P.S - Surya has spelt 'weird' wrong all his life. Muahahaha!
EDIT - OMG Paul is in the panto now! I turned over and heard "I've been to the Scilie Isles, the very Scilie Isles and the Positively Stupid Isles". Eeee! Julian Clary is in it too. This is further love.

Back to 'normality', whatever that is!

I'm at home! Five and a half hours of travelling on Saturday, all for this quiet, boring house. Nothing has changed in terms of entertainment; every night my family watch tv and ignore each other, which is hard to adjust to after living with my friends for three months and being sociable practically 24/7. Mum and Dad are even more energy efficient anal, changing every light in the house to energy saving ones which take a few minutes to warm up. My lovely red lightbulb which bathed my bedroom in light is GONE. Not impressed. It's lovely having bread from a bakery, but what's all this pseudo-culture? The 'pumpkin and balsamic sauce' on the chicken which is really just a microwave job. The ridiculing of their strange neighbours which makes the phrase 'pot calling the kettle black' ring oh-so-true. It's really lame and boring here. At least I can get some reading done. The one consolation is that Dad set up a wireless router so I can get the internet on my laptop, allowing me to sit here in my bedroom posting on livejournal! I really appreciate that, because I never thought Dad would do it, but gaaaah! It's such a world away from partying with Steven, David, Laura, Surya and friends on friday night.

Speaking of good stuff which happened on friday, I'm watching the repeat of HIGNFY. If there's one thing to restore my faith in television it is this. Prince Philip killed Diana! Paul shouting "This Boris Johnson was never meant to be let loose on the human kind!". Emily Whatshername agreeing that she gave the bishop rohypnal. The Queen wearing a baseball cap with "I killed Diana" on it. Brilliant stuff! Plus Sue Perkins was a guest, and if I was gay I'd totally marry her. Hell, I'm marry her anyway, she's so cool! But yeah, after being bored out of my mind watching endless episodes of Friends this evening, HIGNFY is my beacon!

I'm also downloading Queer As Folk US, all twenty-two gigabyte of it. I've downloaded seasons one and two but I can't watch them yet as Adam usually brings his QAF DVDs over once or twice a week and we all watch them.. so I have to wait for them. The torture! We're on 1.18 and I must see more! John leant me the UK Version though so I'll watch that instead. I need Michael's adorable face, and Emmett and Debbie to cheer me up! And Brian, who I've warmed to now. Oh hell, I love them all!

There is no Santa!

Last night was Roxanne's birthday, so we all got a little (or in her and her boyfriend Simon's case, very) drunk and then went to Rewind, an eighties/old school night at the Union. Roxanne and Simon disappeared very early on but the rest of us carried on drinking and dancing like fools. I was going through the tri-problems of Rob Troubles, Work Troubles and Confidence Troubles, so as you can imagine I had a bit. If you bought four shots of After Shock you got an Aftershock Christmas Hat. I thought Steven, Laura and I were going to be sick.

Texts from last night, sent by me:

To Kash: Wher are wolv? Rewind!

To Pete: No, s'song. Due be here we are bobbing yes.
Or a.... Phonetign. oh i don't know. marry us.
Who lloyp yes. Come no down.

To Adam: Yrwrecked! I am so sorry just hz texting mood. ignore us. dance dance dance ignore us.

To Rob: (unsent) We are tweptmk but yes.

Dude, I was wrecked. I've only ever gotten wrecked at The Club, I think, where there are taxis waiting outside to take us home, so after waiting for what seemed like ages at the Safety Bus, we staggered home. Let me tell you, my lines were not straight!

Texts recieved by lovely people last night:

From Pete: You are sad, but I still love you.

From Adam: Hehe youre so funny that's why I love you. From zargon, x

Thanks guys, you make the mortal embarrassment of getting totally pissed and re-reading the texts I sent to people quite bearable!

I WILL write about London soon. I will I will I will.

Vegetables are bad for you. I know.

I was in my room listening to music with Rob tonight when I decided I was hungry, so I decided to eat my tin of baby carrots. Not having a tin opener I did my usual thing of stabbing the top of the can with a knife and cutting the top out. Except this time I stabbled through my hand. Luckily it was the fleshy part between my thumb and index finger, so I didn't hit a nerve or stab through the main part of my hand, but yes... Blood everywhere. I started crying through the sher shock of it, but it was actually pretty funny. Steven, Rob and I went to the Accident and Emergency in Hanley. The lady at the reception area was funny too; she asked my name, postcode, telephone number and then "are you single?". I said, "huh? this isn't myspace!" which probably fell on deaf ears. What a stupid question to ask someone so early on in filling out a hospital form! After about two hours of waiting (it was three thirty in the morning by this time) a rather uncaring young nurse stuck a plaster on my hand and walked off. So I figured that it was my cue to leave. The cut was still bleeding and they gave me a plaster! I have plasters at home. Couldn't complain too much though, as it was my own fault.

I watched 'Buzzcocks as my mum uploaded it for me. John Barrowman is hot in an 'oh of course he is' American way, although his grin/laugh is a bit scary. I didn't realise he was gay! Robin Ince was on it too. Robin!! He didn't say much which means that there is obviously a plot to downplay his greatness in the media so only the coolest of the cool (me) get to see his shows. But yes; Robin!

My essay is not done and it should be finished by lunchtime tomorrow afternoon. Fuck. I should have gotten a doctors note. Oh well; LONDON IN TWELVE HOURS!


This week has been pretty fun, considering I still have no money. A group of us went to see robtovsky's play 'Mad World' thursday evening. The play was a satire on political parties where the "Raving Lunatic Party" (or something to that extent) gained power in the government. It was good! Rob played 'Rupert Ingleby-Smithe' and got to do a crazy chicken dance, so everything was right in the world!

(My) Rob's - there are too many Robs - friend Steve came down yesterday from Wigan or Bath. Probably Wigan. I've generally had bad experiences with meeting boyfriends friends; I tend to worry that they will judge me and stay completely silent. Many of the boyfriend-friends I've met have been the typical 'lads' which leave me feeling uncomfortable and inferior. But Steve was cool, and he, Rob, Steven, Rebecca, Ruth and I stayed up in my room until two in the morning talking and messing about on webcam. Yay!

Yesterday was a long day actually. Friday morning I was feeling a bit down. Rob was asleep in my bed but I wasn't tired, so I snuck out of my own bedroom and ran across the road to F Block in my pyjamas and joined Steven for a cup of tea! We hung out, chatted and then watched Doctor Who with David until six in the morning, and then I sneaked back! I opened my bedroom door and a sleepy Rob said 'huh? where have you been? were you on the phone?'. I collapsed into giggles.. it really amused me that I sneaked out of my own bedroom! Unfortunately I paid for it at half past nine when I woke up, realised I had a ten o'clock lecture, got ready in five minutes and ran!

I appear to be slightly in love with Doctor Who. Steven, Helen and I watched David Tennant episodes for about four hours yesterday! We all cried at the last episode - sitting there with tears rolling down our cheeks! Hey, it was sad! I didn't even particularly like Billie Piper in Doctor Who, but she was really good in the last episode! Also, fun fact;

'Jake' who comes in from the parallel dimension or whatnot? Apparently Pete, the guy who Steven has been crushing on, had a fling with him. Apparently he 'moans like a bitch'. Hmmm, thanks for that. Bedding Doctor Who characters... it's all go at Keele!
Yesterday took a dive into the surreal when, at ten o'clock at night, Steven, myself and a drunken Rebecca went to see the girl Rebecca has a crush on; Tara. Tara has a reputation for being a bit of a Scary Lesbian, so we were rather bemused when she put on some gay man porn. We were sitting there, in the company of a girl we had only just met, watching (loud) gay porn with the door open. Tara's poor blockmates were walking downstairs past her room with their hands over their ears! I felt sorry for Steven, who really needed the loo, and being gay couldn't really ask where the bathroom was in the middle of that!! Great first impressions.

I'm trying to do my English essay. It's really not happening. I'm not used to doing work, I'm used to thinking about doing work and then procrastinating! I have a ridiculous amount of work to get through anyway so I'm starting to panic. This essay is worth 50% of my mark and has to be in on Tuesday! I also have no money; after I pay Steven back for the money he leant me when I lost my debit card and take out money for my trip to the Comedy Store.. I'm looking to be very poor indeed! Steven said something about me paying in installments so I can go out with him to The Club on Saturday though..so perhaps all is not lost. Ah, student life, huh?

Life - updated

I'm here, I'm alive, I haven't abandonned you all! I've just been super busy with socialising and the occasional bit of work! I've missed Livejournal; I've been lurking around a bit, but on the whole I'm out of the loop! How is life, oh flist?

On the Gay Bar SceneCollapse )

I lost my debit card on last Monday. This became even more annoying when I found it in the pocket of my grey hoodie. So now my card has been cancelled and I'm STILL waiting on a new one. My parents sent it off Friday in first class post so it should have been here by Saturday. I checked the Post Office today and it's still not here. I've ran out of money. I owe Laura and Steven £55 between them. Need debit card by tomorrow because, to be perfectly blunt and honest, I am bleeding and almost running out of sanitary towels. Bugger. It's amazing how crucial money is for even existing!

On HIGNFY and FandomCollapse )

I am also slightly in love with Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins. Rabbit Furcoat has been playing on my laptop and mobile for quite some time now!

On Relationship Semi-CrisisCollapse )

I got a myspace. It's awful but useful for networking at Uni. Add me, biatches!

And lastly and negatively, people from Lancing who are still reading my Livejournal and bitching about me - isn't it time you gave it a rest? I'm gone now, I'm living two-hundred and fifty miles away. I know I'm probably an easy target for a cheap joke, but calling me a whore in a text message frankly is really pathetic. I wish you the best success and luck in life, but please shut up now.

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