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Back to 'normality', whatever that is!

I'm at home! Five and a half hours of travelling on Saturday, all for this quiet, boring house. Nothing has changed in terms of entertainment; every night my family watch tv and ignore each other, which is hard to adjust to after living with my friends for three months and being sociable practically 24/7. Mum and Dad are even more energy efficient anal, changing every light in the house to energy saving ones which take a few minutes to warm up. My lovely red lightbulb which bathed my bedroom in light is GONE. Not impressed. It's lovely having bread from a bakery, but what's all this pseudo-culture? The 'pumpkin and balsamic sauce' on the chicken which is really just a microwave job. The ridiculing of their strange neighbours which makes the phrase 'pot calling the kettle black' ring oh-so-true. It's really lame and boring here. At least I can get some reading done. The one consolation is that Dad set up a wireless router so I can get the internet on my laptop, allowing me to sit here in my bedroom posting on livejournal! I really appreciate that, because I never thought Dad would do it, but gaaaah! It's such a world away from partying with Steven, David, Laura, Surya and friends on friday night.

Speaking of good stuff which happened on friday, I'm watching the repeat of HIGNFY. If there's one thing to restore my faith in television it is this. Prince Philip killed Diana! Paul shouting "This Boris Johnson was never meant to be let loose on the human kind!". Emily Whatshername agreeing that she gave the bishop rohypnal. The Queen wearing a baseball cap with "I killed Diana" on it. Brilliant stuff! Plus Sue Perkins was a guest, and if I was gay I'd totally marry her. Hell, I'm marry her anyway, she's so cool! But yeah, after being bored out of my mind watching endless episodes of Friends this evening, HIGNFY is my beacon!

I'm also downloading Queer As Folk US, all twenty-two gigabyte of it. I've downloaded seasons one and two but I can't watch them yet as Adam usually brings his QAF DVDs over once or twice a week and we all watch them.. so I have to wait for them. The torture! We're on 1.18 and I must see more! John leant me the UK Version though so I'll watch that instead. I need Michael's adorable face, and Emmett and Debbie to cheer me up! And Brian, who I've warmed to now. Oh hell, I love them all!


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Dec. 18th, 2006 11:30 pm (UTC)
no, no, i'm sorry, QaF UK OWNS bigtime the US version... not to mention being more explicit too...

plus, its got Charlie Hunnam in it (Nathan) and he is just the most perfect man i've ever seen!! ever!!!

i'm back at home too... not a lot has happened... oddly, my lightbulb has changed to an annoying energy efficient one too.... which i swear, even warmed up, is still not as bright as my old one was. honestly, energy wastage isn't worth it if it gives me poor eyesight through straining in dim light!

i'm also told my room was used by a german exchange student while i was gone! wtf??? i hope neither him (nor my parents) went exploring too much. they might have found some potentially embarassing stuff LOL

i'd love to say i'm bored too but cannot justify it. i have 2 exams to revise for, and and an essay to finish. i have no reason to be bored *sighs*

Dec. 18th, 2006 11:36 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen the UK one yet.. I'll watch it soon! (after I reply to this :p). More explicit? Hmm, I would've thought that the more modern US version would be.. despite American censors.

Noooo! Michael is the cutest thing ever, and Brian is totally hot, despite looking a bit bird-ish! *watches out for this Charlie dude*

Exactly, thicker glasses lenses cost more than the pennies saved on energy efficient lights. We should just buy LOADS of lamps and have super light rooms, whilst sticking it to the energy savingness!

Omg! Your parents didn't even tell you beforehand? I'd freak out.. imagine someone living amongst your things. Hahahah... I can imagine the german kid's face finding weird stuff in your room! :p

Eh, I have two exams to revise for but I've never been self-motivated so am wasting the days! Respect to you!
Dec. 19th, 2006 05:12 am (UTC)
YAY Queer as Folk!! I am currently watching it now (again) and planning/making vids for it. I love that show and the characters and relationships way too much. It sucks that you have to wait. I used to download them on dialup and it was torture. I'm glad you love it :)

Glad you still have the internet even though it isn't as fun as being with friends.
Dec. 19th, 2006 09:41 am (UTC)
Pumpkin and balsamic sauce? TV chefs are starting to get cocky now they know they can rule the world. What's wrong with chicken on its own without Halloween poured all over it. Same with Nigella's goose fat...it even sounds wrong (probably tastes great but that doesn't fit with the rant).

I'd marry Sue Perkins too, she's very cool indeed. Heh, I loved it when she and Paul were randomly jumping up and down to pressure Boris =P I can't believe they actually used all of Paul's anti-royal shout outs. I know he's said stuff like it before, but even Ian was getting nervous by the looks of things. How fantastic would it be if the lawyers ran on and wrestled him to the ground!

I'm the Bishop of Southwark. It's what I do. *laughs*

I remember QaF UK being very explicit, but then again I think I was about 11/12 when I saw it so everything was dodgy...

I can't stop laughing at the thought of a herd of lawyers rugby tackling an oblivious Paul to the floor =D
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