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Muddled, early-morning Uni Post

Oh my word, I was so drunk tonight. The room wasn't quite spinning, but I was certainly rather off balance. Most of F Block went to the Student Union and drank and generally hung out. Neil was there, which I was a little very annoyed at, because he just invited himself and I hate it when people assume they can do that to me. (So in short, I was being a bitch subtly.) I had many Jack Daniels and Cokes and talked to people I didn't usually.

Since moving to University and being in the company of PEOPLE, I've noticed I'm a much more touchy person. Not in a grumpy way, or a pervy way - but little things, like if I can't hear someone talk I'll lean it and touch them on the waist almost subconsciously. A contrast to standing with my arms folded, worrying that people will ignore me. Just an observation!

Anyway, I spent the evening drinking to get rid of my bitchy, annoyed mood and to make me less guilty and shrugging off Neil. He's a lovely lovely guy who means well, but I can't deal with someone contantly in my.. my... space! Issues, I know, but whatever. I talked to Ste a bit too, who put his number in my phone. Ste is the one I had a North/South War going on with - Ste being in Manchester. I mock the Northerners with their accents and different sense of humour mercilessly, even though I am quite outnumbered here! I was talking to a guy later on back at the block about his volunteer work in the poor parts of America and Ste texted me 'is this guy the most boring guy eva or what?' Yeesh man!

Initially, Steven, Laura, Neil, Sophie and I went to this Drumb and Bass club, which was crap as you couldn't dance to the music and it was quite empty. But we bumped into Liam, who is in mine and Neil's History tutorial, which was quite cool. Later on, when we were in the normal bar, he was there again and I talked to him again. Apparently he doesn't drink because he is a muslim (since last year) and he's straight but wants to go to a gay bar. I managed, in my drunkeness, to call him gay and a Buddhist. Whoops! Will send embarassed text tomorrow.

When we left, Steven, Alex the Scouser and I were drunkenly singing "Can't take my eyes off you" on the way back to F Block. As I mentioned, Northerners (Mancs and Scousers) seem to have a different sense of humour in which they take what we say really seriously, so I was glad Alex wasn't offended when we mentioned we could hear his singing from his room next to Steven's and he should go to karaoke night. Da da da da da da da da da...

I walked past the holly bush and was too drunk to think about the sharpness of the holly. I have scratches across my right arm. OW!

What else? It's been a really interesting few days. Last night Steven, David, Rebecca and I went to a gay bar in Hanley! David and I seemed to be the only straight people but it was such fun. Gay bars are cool because you can dance like a moron and not care; you're not out to attract a guy! Panic at the Disco came on and I boogied in a comical way with a guy called Pete, and we all danced with Rob, who lives in Neil's block. Small world!

I left F Block at 4.15 after falling asleep on Jim's bed. His pillows were so comfy!! Bless Jim. he's lovely; he got his sleeping bag out and everything ready to let me have his bed, but I got up and went home. We were talking about relationships at one point, and because Jim is one of those small, thin, young looking guys who could pass for a fifteen year old, Jim said "People think I'm cute, but they wouldn't sleep with me." So I replied that I'd sleep with him if he leant me his Firefly Boxset. We were both joking but Jim dashed up to Paul's room and took the Firefly boxset back and gave it to me, so now I can finally see Firefly! YAY!

There was stuff about going to a Hypnotism Show, but it will kill everyone's Friends List, so I will type it up later. All I'm saying is that David was one of the ones who were hypnotised and he did DIRTY things!

Train-ing it back down south on Thursday (tomorrow). Nooo! I don't want to go home! However, I am going home to see Robin Ince and the Comedy Store Players. WOOHOO! Finally it's almost here - front row tickets to see Paul, Josie, Richard, Jim and Co!


I've been having fun being a silly student all week. At least, I think it's been fun. Yesterday I went to History and sat with Neil who I knew from the Introductory Lecture as we sat together then, and last week. Then he texted me at four and we went to play pool. Then we got rather drunk and.. couply in the kissing sense. He stayed over until I kicked him out at seven so the cleaners didn't come in and think I was a whore. We didn't do anything untoward though. DudeI'mnotlikethat. He's very sweet, but I don't want a relationship, which is what he seems to want. He kept holding my hand and trying to kiss me in the bar. I'm a very private "personal space" type of person so I felt a little trapped after a while. Ohh. Alcohol is bad, people. So yes, to summarise I pulled a Scouser. Hahahahaha.

David was hilarious though. He had so many Cherry Vodka alcopops! When he got startled and conversational he fell off his chair! And he got hit on by a gay guy ("I hope to see you at the next meeting David"). We went out in the first place to accompany Steven to a Gay/Lesbian/Bi thing which we assumed was just a gay club on campus but was actually a small group of people hanging out and talking. Steven was unnerved to say the slightest! So we had drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. David was sick in Neil's bathroom and Steven put some sort of hand gel in his hair. I don't know why.

The laundrette takes eighty minutes to wash and dry clothes. I didn't know they took that long! I went with David today cause he needed to wash his clothes and we had milkshakes and went through the events of last night (much laughing at his drunken state). But yes, clothes washing takes a large chunk out of your morning!

Now I have six hours of German, English and Sociology. Stupid Complementary Studies Programme. I want to sleep!

My stomach hurts.


I just came back to my dorm from F-Block and as I was walking up the stairs there were a few people sitting there. The guy said "Hello" so I hello-ed back, and he asked me (a bit sarcastically) how I was. I replied and immediately after I'd finished my sentence he said "I'm fine, thanks for asking." Words can't exactly sum up the sarcasm which was used there but suffice to say he made me feel really uncomfortable. Earlier on today as Steven and I were carrying our washing to the Laundromat, one of the other guys threw a tennis ball at my head and I'm starting to wonder if it was really an accident. Ugh. I don't like it here; I want to move to F Block where the people are nice and I have friends there. Now I'm too paranoid to go shower in case they steal my clothes or something. LAME!


Three in a bed

Oh my, that was simply hilarious.

Laura, David, Steven and I had a Black Books marathon this morning/last night, except Laura left at around two in the morning. As we wanted to watch more, and seeing as I live in a different block, we had the oh-so-brilliant idea of attempting to fit three people in sleeping positions on David's bed! After various attempts at lying next to each other or with David's head resting on my hip - all resulting in giggles - Steven and David ended up level and next to each other on the bed! It looked so dodgy! Every time I looked down I couldn't help but crack up. When I got up to go to the loo I saw it was ten to five in the morning, so I went back and got my things and went home, leaving Steven and David in bed! Ahahaha! I partly wish I'd stayed just to see their reactions in a few hours!

Awwww. Sorry Guys! (I guess you just had to be there to find it funny - in an uncomfortable way! We did quite well with the marathon though; ten episodes!) Good night morning all!

I'm here!

So here I am; at Keele University. It's such a large campus! Living in the Hawthorn Halls, this means there is a half an hour or so walk into the main lecture-theatre area. But it's a pretty place, with modern new buildings mixed with picturesque old ones. And so green! Many of the new students from city areas were slightly fascinated that there are cows here!

It's quite awkward trying to make friends. It's the initial period where everyone immediately latches on to one another but I seemed to miss that happening. I'm glad Steven is here too, in the block right opposite mine, otherwise I'd hide in my dorm all day! This building is mainly girl dominated, in comparison to Steven's block where it's mainly boys. I'm sharing my room at the moment with another girl, Ruth from London, who moves out as soon as she is found accommodation elsewhere, and I keep this room. I was so worried that it would be a nightmare sharing, but although I've only been here two days, it's alright because Ruth is cool and we get on well.

Up until about nine o'clock tonight I was feeling pretty shitty, seeing everyone else in their groups while Steven and I (and occasionally Ruth) wandered around together. Everyone left at around seven to go to the bar or Student Union Karaoke Night and we were alone in my block, pretty bored. Then everything changed when we hung out in Steven's block, as people started coming into the kitchen where we were and we became part of the group of people drinking and talking there.

I befriended a guy named Marsh, or rather, he befriended me, and he gave me a glass of Port which took me forever to drink! It was a bit unnerving though, not in a socially awkward way... Marsh immediately starterd talking about his plans to work in politics and become a dictator. In complete seriousness. He has so many ideas and theories to solving our countries' problems and in the course of five hours, told me most of them. They started off with things like replacing the House of Lords with an elected panel of experts in the running of the country, nationalising banks and businesses and rebuilding trainlines and by two o'clock in the morning he's gone on to talk of wiping out America by shutting down their electricity/computers and creating biological weapons. He seems a very nice guy (and a good cook!) but VERY INTENSE. He's insanely intelligent but a little full on. He invited me back to his room after asking me if I was single and sat very close to me on his bed until I made a jokey-nervous remark about leaving if he tries anything (he really was being quite questionable although most probably totally safe) and texted Steven who came over and consequently discussed Marsh's plan to bring down the USA.

It's nearly three in the morning and I have an introductory lecture at ten thirty tomorrow morning, so I'm off to bed in my top bunk with stripey duvet cover and arty black and white poster. Not enough time and space to fully read my flist, so hope you are all fine!

Weird food

My 'Dude, WTF?' moment of today;

Purple. Carrots.

I've never seen purple carrots before! With their skin/peel on they are a rough brown colour, leading my observant first glance to be "Ew! They look like poo!". But no, they are indeed purple with an orange centre. Carrots in disguise!

Trying desperately to killl time

Two days to go! Excitement builds. Any fears I had about going to University have been temporaryly swept away on a wave of boredom. There is nothing to do here. Except watch Rocky Horror, which is one bizarre movie! Barry Bostwick was quite cute though. It was good to see the Time Warp in its original context, if a context can be randomly bursting into song. I also watched the first episode of A Bit Of Fry And Laurie Series One and I simply love it.

I've been amusing myself by getting infuriated over recording the Whose Line Greatest Hits. (Apologies to WL fans on my flist who will have now seen mention of this three times today!) But at last I am finished! I deserve biscuits. Or failing that, Chip/Jeff fic with strawberries. Inspiration, y'all.Collapse ) I sort of had a slash epiphany whilst eating dessert. There should be more fic with strawberries! Kthx.

Packing and Uni Excitement

I'm going to Uni in three days! Waking up early on Saturday morning and travelling four hours up to Keele with my Dad and Steven. Am mildly petrified, but you know what? I actually feel optimistic about this. I'm usually such a pessimist, so this is significant. I'm going to Uni to try and make something of myself! And get on HIGNFY. I can see the articles now; "Have I Got Newsom For You - young talent on satire show". (Newsom is my last name. It's pratically destiny.) I'll become a Historian and somehow qualify for appearances on comedy shows, making millions laugh with my wit and knowledge and have a wonderful affair with Paul Merton. Okay, so I have three years to improve myself a little. But I'm going to University!!

This does mean, however, that I'm going to be terribly bored for a few days. I bought A Bit Of Fry And Laurie and The Rocky Horror Picture Show to keep me going! I also bought Jack Dee - Live Again, which was good but quite easy to tune out while watching. DVDfest a go go!

Onto Packing. So far I have packed clothes, ID and bank bits, towels and gadgets (laptop, external harddrive, mp3 player, phone charger, camera, camera lead, memory cards, blank cds and dvds, battery charger). Any cds and dvds I want to take I am downloading. I have yet to pack kitchen bits and bedding, but that's under control. Could there be anything else? I'm not really a cuddly toy person anymore. I can leave my sentimental bits at home where they are safer. My technology bits really all I need... or so I think. Am I missing anything obvious? What did you guys take to Uni?


ATCHOO! I keep sneezing.

So I thought it was about time I bitched about the Daily Show. The brief way of putting this is that I don't like it. The reason this matters is that I was really prepared to love it and think it is hilarious. But it is not. Bugger. Guys and Girls, I urge you to download episodes of Have I Got News For You because that is how satire should be done. In the episodes of The Daily Show that I have watched, Jon Stewart will show a 'funny' clip of George W Bush, or some other dumbass in Government, and then just sit there as the audience laughs at it. That's not satire! Make an ironic comment, point out how wrong the segment is - just say something vaguely amusing. None of the reports are funny; they go on too long. I can't really comment on Stephen Colbert as I haven't since much of him (he is rather cute though) but Jon Stewart WHAT ARE YOU DOING? There. You Americans probably all hate me now ;)

In other news, I have decided that I am such a child about slash. Children probably shouldn't squee over The Gayness, but I read makingamochrie's newest fic installment and afterwards I was giggling and grinning to myself as I made lunch. Happyfic is good. Bravo to Sue.

It was my last day at The Cat Shop today. Very sad. Jo and Nina got me a few presents and Gemma filled up the rest of the bag with BOYZONE merchandise! We'd had a massive donation, probably by some ex-thirteen year old teenybopper. I now have a Boyzone pencil case with stationary, Boyzone cds, a Boyzone poster and a Boyzone folder with "For Uni - don't let it distract you from your studies" taped onto it. Then they handed me my bag I bought with me and it had Boyzone keyrings attached to it. I am truly the Queen of Boyzone (insert joke here). I'm going to miss the Cat Shop. On the plus side I now have things to burn if I ever have to hear Ronan Keating's massacre of Goo Goo Doll's "Iris" ever again.

ETA: Oh yeah, I also made a Whose Line Slash Soundtrack. I officially need a life rock.
In my brief absence from the virtual real world known as teh internets, I managed to not only miss the ticket allocation for HIGNFY but also the news of this in the first place! I quickly read part of my alarmingly growing flist, heard from nerdcakes and wallflowered that HIGNFY was back and quite literally shrieked "WHAT?!" Shall be relying on dvds of the episodes from my parents after news of a 200mb a week download limit at Keele. Bugger.

My subconscious is mocking me. It knows I feel detatched from whoselineslash and fandom in general, so is making me dream weird things. Monday night I dreamt I was investigating Mulder's season seven abduction after finding a couple of xfiles books and origami models of Scully in a second hand bookshop. Last night I dreamt that Jeff Davis had killed Brad Sherwood and Chip Esten by hanging them up, cutting out their organs and then skewing them back together. Well, if there's anything to put you off indulging in fangirlishness for a while, it's seeing Brad and Chip's pale, lifeless bodies covered in blue stitches. Eep.

I got my accodomodation forms back today. I'm sharing my room (which has bunkbeds) with someone else until their accomodation is sorted. How exciting! And also worrying in regards to my £700 latop. But sharing with a random person for a few weeks does sound as if it could be quite fun! University Life seems all the more real now. I'm really going! In ten days! Holyshitwhatthefuck.

ETA: Greg Proops is the voice of a bear in Brother Bear. This is a minor hiccup in his excellent voiceover career (Star Wars, Nightmare Before Christmas, Seymour The Fractal Cat) and I love him NO LESS for it.

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