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I'm Red. I just moved up to Staffordshire from West Sussex to attend Keele University and I'm studying English and History. The idea of actually having to do real learning and essay writing is starting to scare me. I am very much at home drinking tea and squeeing over Greg Proops.

A person shouldn't define themselves by their fandoms. But this is LJ, so who am I kidding? My current obsessions are Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Have I Got News For You when it is on. I have fandoms which are annoying to mention in short paragraphs. I was also a dedicated fan of The X Files and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and watched Dark Angel every saturday night. Nowadays I prefer funky comedy programmes such as Black Books, Teachers and Peep Show. I'm also killing my brain downloading and watching The Drew Carey Show. Damn. That's enough name dropping for now.

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